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From design, to installation, to seasonal maintenance, Metrotech Irrigation offers the best in Commercial Irrigation Services in town. Metrotech Irrigation is your solution for irrigation and drainage solutions

An automatic sprinkler system eliminates the guesswork from lawn maintenance and saves water often wasted by forgotten manual sprinklers left on too long. Moreover, beautiful, green grass and lush, healthy vegetation increases the value of you place of business.


From design and product selection, to programming your controller, we can help you distribute water only when and where your plants need it. Professional installation will improve performance and the long life of your investment. Our knowledge of the latest industry standards, innovative new products and design means you will be getting the absolute best in the business.

As your landscape matures and plants grow, commercial irrigation systems also need to change and grow. We can update your system based on plant growth, swap out heads, add heads or zones to accommodate a newly planted area, add micro-sprays to pots, convert zones to drip irrigation…the possibilities are endless.

We service what we sell

In addition to installing high quality irrigation materials, we also advise customers on repairing and overhauling irrigation systems. We also service all major brands of irrigation products. Our many years of experience, our large customer base and continuing education are the main reasons why we are the best troubleshooters in town. No matter the make or model, we can help pinpoint problems in your system. Notably, many of our customers come to us as the frustrated owners of a problematic system installed by less experienced contractors.

Commercial Irrigation Design and Installation

commercial-landscapingWe design and install quality, efficient sprinkler systems that are unique to your landscaping needs. Your system may be personalized with any of the following:

Moisture Sensors | Rain Sensors | Spray Zones | Rotor Zones | Drip Irrigation | Container Irrigation | Tree Bubblers | Rainwater Retention | Remote Monitoring | Drainage Solutions | Well Water pumps | Booster pump | Seasonal Irrigation Maintenance | Spring Activation |


Our technician will pressurize all lines, check zones/heads for operation, and adjust heads. We will repair broken heads or leaks that are found. If you would like improvements in areas where plants have grown and matured, let us know and we will provide an assessment and make recommendations for improvements.




Winters in Texas can get very cold, and we winterize sprinkler systems to protect from freeze damage. Our technician will hook an air compressor up to the system, and then run thru each zone with air, blowing out the water. All drains will be left open.


We recommend yearly activation in the spring and winterization in the fall to ensure your system’s optimum performance.


Looking for Commercial Irrigation services or just general irrigation? Metrotech Irrigation can help!