We Light Up The Night

Balancing the Lighting Aesthetic and using proven Lighting Techniques can showcase your home and garden.slideExteriorOutdoorLandscapeLights1

Landscape lighting is best described as “Painting with Light.”

The challenge with landscape lighting is that most people don’t immediately see all the possibilities. Outdoor lighting can be both functional and aesthetic. It’s an art to understand how much light to place on a house or determine where the focal points are.

If designed correctly, outdoor lighting can be an extension of your home decor and can extend the use of outdoor spaces to the home while providing safety, atmosphere and space definition. Outdoor Lighting bring trees and shrubs to life at night and accentuate features around your home that are not obvious during the day. It can also be very effective in hiding unwanted features such as trash cans or utility areas.

Painting With Light has Benefits


Great lighting accentuates the shape and texture of a landscape and its structures. We paint portraits with light and create settings that give the viewer a dynamic experience of the property.

Improperly lit walkways, stairs or changes in elevation can be dangerous for yourself, children or elderly guests

Illuminating the private areas of property allows enjoyment of decks, sitting areas and recreational spaces after dusk.

Everyone knows that an illuminated property deters crime. Low-voltage lighting can be strategically directed to eliminate shadow areas.

Landscape lighting increases the overall perceived and actual value of your home

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